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Engaging Those Who Believe a False Doctrine

I recently had an opportunity to talk with some Mormon “missionaries” who came to my door. I enjoyed the conversation and was impressed by their dedication to their faith (They were out knocking doors at nearly 8 PM on a cold…Continue Reading

The Evil of Keeping Too Much

It seems that many Christians have a perspective related to money and possessions that has an enormous blind spot in it. It’s as if we are wearing blinders and don’t even realize it. I can’t help but wonder if teaching on stewardship…Continue Reading

Going to Church Doesn’t Prove You are Saved

I was in a class some years ago when the teacher said something that shocked me. He said that going to church was a sign of salvation! When I pressed the issue he reiterated that going to church faithfully – as in every week – was a sure…Continue Reading

Thoughts Regarding Luck, Chance, and Superstition

I can’t help but cringe when I hear Christians talk about luck and chance in their lives. Many will discuss “coincidence” as a viable option for occurrences that take place. Whether this is simply a lack of knowledge regarding Scriptures’…Continue Reading

Fly by the Rules

Do not buy into the drama.  If you are planning to fly anywhere, follow the rules and everything will work out just fine.  That is if everyone follows the rules.  The problems will begin for the masses because of the…Continue Reading

FREE ???? Shuttle

FREE is never FREE.  And a FREE SHUTTLE Van that has the word “TABOO” blazoned in bold across its side should be a sign that it most certainly isn’t going to be free. It isn’t about the money folks. Do what you want with your…Continue Reading

Being Right is not Always Right

There certainly a lot of ‘shoulds’ in most of our lives. We should eat better. We should exercise more regularly. We should drink more water and less coffee. soda, whatever. We should pray for others well being, meditate for our own –…Continue Reading


I was out for a run yesterday evening (yes, I can be a fool at times) and I was almost hit going thru a four way stop in a neighborhood. Now, most days and most drivers would without a thought allow a runner to pass on by.  I was even…Continue Reading

Under Pressure: Finding the Perfect Father’s Day Card

My father recently said to me, “You find the most wonderful cards.“ Though a man of few words himself, he really appreciates a well written message with an appropriate backdrop. Following such a compliment was the pressure of…Continue Reading

Nope Not Ever

One should be very very cautious of saying “I’ll never do that.” I personally do my very best to avoid this sort of ill advised proclamation. Because we all change. Oh do we change. This I am fully aware of. As I grow up…Continue Reading

Voluntary Simplicity

Over 10 years ago, Scott Simon and the public tv folk did a documentary on “voluntary simplicity”, living on only what is necessary, avoiding excess consumption, reducing stress and actually becoming “anti-materialistic.”…Continue Reading

Tell Me Something I Don’t Know

“Mildly obese” were the words written to describe me. What an awful thing to say, I thought to myself. No – it is not politically incorrect? But how about emotionally damaging? Mentally harmful? Hurtful? Or just plain wrong? Some medical…Continue Reading

Winter Driving Tips

On Sunday January 11th, my wife, Linda, and I were driving our Scion over the mountain road that over looks our home. It was 9 a.m. and we were on our way to Church in Oldtown, Maryland. We had gotten no more than a mile up the mountain when…Continue Reading

What’s Your Sign?

With the winter plainness, I have begun to take notice of everything unnatural. The trees are bare, the ground is not yet covered in snow, and even the evergreens are beginning to blend into the background. Then suddenly, while driving, I…Continue Reading

It’s winter but spring is coming!

As I considered all the dire financial forecasts that are coming out of Wall Street as well as from our nations capitol, and pondered what impact my diminished retirement account and shrinking equity in my home would have on my future (near…Continue Reading

HELP. Who gives it? Who gets it?

Is it really as bad as we keep reading and hearing? I don’t know. I don’t even want to voice an opinion publicly. There are enough of those out there already. Do GM, Ford and Chrysler need help? Well of course they do. I’m not sure…Continue Reading

Black Friday 2008 Not As Dark As Expected

What a night! It’s 4:00AM on Black Friday and I have spent the last six hours traveling interstate 81 on an information gathering mission.

You see, I took it upon myself to travel the interstate from Hagerstown to Martinsburg to…Continue Reading

Meet the Author of “Thinking Out Loud”

Hello…. Howdy…. Good day as well as Buenas dias to our Hispanic community.

I extend my greetings to the fine men and women of the eastern panhandle. My name is William Clay Hopkins Jr. (but all my friends call me George)…Continue Reading

Why voting for Santa Claus may not be as crazy as it sounds

On the eve of Election Day 2008 I’m going to posit an idea that may sound crazy but if you hear me out hopefully you’ll be convinced that it has some merit.

The idea… Vote for Santa Claus.

Still here? Haven’t…Continue Reading

What Makes You Go AUGHGH?

Is it -

the ads for the news telling you they will tell you the news at 11? Couldn’t they just tell us something now?

Like why are all grocery carts made with one bad wheel? Please – somebody go into the grocery cart wheel…Continue Reading

Services Needed - Apply Within

There are many services I wish would come to Berkeley County. Most of which are in surrounding counties, but with gas being so high, I am not going to drive across the county line to get to them. So if there are any entrepreneurs out there,…Continue Reading

Wanted - A solution to an age old problem

Have you ever wanted something? Something you need to shop around for, it could be a handy man, or that hard to find item that will fix your carpet shampooer. I know I have.

I was looking the other day for furniture wall straps. I…Continue Reading

Like Pulling Teeth

I was recently looking for a place that a couple of my friends, moms like myself, could go and have a good time. You know get out of the house. We all received our stimulus checks and have cash to spend. Oh, it didn’t matter what kind…Continue Reading

Why do I win so many lotteries?

As I checked my e-mail over coffee, I discovered that I had won the Japanese/European Lottery and I was now 1,000,000 Euros richer. Wow! And all I had to do was reply to Mr. Hirohito, who sent the message, and he would get back to me and…Continue Reading

I guess it’s official…

This was in my morning e-mail…did you get it too?

Dear Bill,

I wanted you to be one of the first to know: on Saturday, I will hold an event in Washington D.C. to thank everyone who has supported my campaign. Over the course…Continue Reading

What Some Hillary Supporters Are Screaming

Was this organized or what? Hillary’s most extreme supporters are not taking the Rules Committee’s decision with any kind of good sportsmanship.

For instance:
Was this organized or what? Hillary’s most extreme…Continue Reading

“Mother’s Day, A Birthday Message”

“Your Father Provided The Substance…Your Mother Provided The Essence…As Well As The Means For You To Grow…And Take Shape…This Is Your Reason For Being…So Thank Her…Remember All of the Praise Goes…Continue Reading

When The Going Gets Tough ?????

Back in 1972 which may seem like a lifetime to some, a rock band from north of the border called the “Five Man Electrical Band” wrote a minor hit simply called “Signs”. The tune began with these words…. “Sign sign everywhere…Continue Reading

Coming Soon!!!


What do you think it is? I’ll bet you don’t guess this one correctly. Did you say Bank or possibly another development of new homes? I certainly would have. It appears that every new building going up is either…Continue Reading

My weight seems to be the only thing going down…

Returning from the gym at Shepherd University this morning, after the workout I do 3-4 times a week, I was bubbling over that my weight has now dropped a total of 34 pounds. 34 Pounds in 3 months… heading decisively to my birthday goal…Continue Reading