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WV Chamber Op-Ed: Right-to-Work is Right for West Virginia

By: Steve Roberts, president, West Virginia Chamber of Commerce

The West Virginia Legislature has signaled that it will take up a right-to-work (RTW) bill in the 2016 session, which begins in January.  They absolutely…Continue Reading

Request for “Best of 2014” Recommendations

It’s the time of year where “Best of” lists dominate headlines and websites. After reading through one of these type lists, I thought it might be fun to create a “Best of 2014” list comprised of books, movies…Continue Reading

Engaging Those Who Believe a False Doctrine

I recently had an opportunity to talk with some Mormon “missionaries” who came to my door. I enjoyed the conversation and was impressed by their dedication to their faith (They were out knocking doors at nearly 8 PM on a cold…Continue Reading

The Evil of Keeping Too Much

It seems that many Christians have a perspective related to money and possessions that has an enormous blind spot in it. It’s as if we are wearing blinders and don’t even realize it. I can’t help but wonder if teaching on stewardship…Continue Reading

Going to Church Doesn’t Prove You are Saved

I was in a class some years ago when the teacher said something that shocked me. He said that going to church was a sign of salvation! When I pressed the issue he reiterated that going to church faithfully – as in every week – was a sure…Continue Reading

Thoughts Regarding Luck, Chance, and Superstition

I can’t help but cringe when I hear Christians talk about luck and chance in their lives. Many will discuss “coincidence” as a viable option for occurrences that take place. Whether this is simply a lack of knowledge regarding Scriptures’…Continue Reading

In The Panhandle New Year’s Resolutions

Do you have a New Year’s Resolution for 2011?  It is that time to commit to some form of living, eating and treating other people better. I have never been one to make such a commitment at the beginning of the New Year.  In fact…Continue Reading

Old Is New Again

With the New Year just around the corner all I can say is, “I tried.”  Just like a kid, I really liked it when I saw it on TV.  It looked cool. It looked awesomely cool.  I sat there and thought, “I have to get me one…Continue Reading

Fly by the Rules

Do not buy into the drama.  If you are planning to fly anywhere, follow the rules and everything will work out just fine.  That is if everyone follows the rules.  The problems will begin for the masses because of the…Continue Reading

Beggars with a Title

“Professional fundraiser” was what she called herself.  She was of course, raising money for a worthy cause, a non – profit organization no less. You know – one who does worthy things without expecting to profit from it financially. …Continue Reading

FREE ???? Shuttle

FREE is never FREE.  And a FREE SHUTTLE Van that has the word “TABOO” blazoned in bold across its side should be a sign that it most certainly isn’t going to be free. It isn’t about the money folks. Do what you want with your…Continue Reading

Being Right is not Always Right

There certainly a lot of ‘shoulds’ in most of our lives. We should eat better. We should exercise more regularly. We should drink more water and less coffee. soda, whatever. We should pray for others well being, meditate for our own –…Continue Reading

Go Green Go Antiquing

Go Green. It is certainly the IN thing isn’t it? If you have tried it, you will probably also know it can prove to be a bit expensive.  Solar panels don’t come cheap.  Neither do those hybrids.  But have you ever considered…Continue Reading


I was out for a run yesterday evening (yes, I can be a fool at times) and I was almost hit going thru a four way stop in a neighborhood. Now, most days and most drivers would without a thought allow a runner to pass on by.  I was even…Continue Reading

Integrity… Does it really exist today?

Integrity – Inspiring Trust and Confidence; Authentic, Consistent, Courageous, Ethical, Honest

Integrity is one of five Corporate Values of Mellott Company.  “We try to hire people that can exemplify…Continue Reading

An Open Letter from My Dog to Senator Al Gore

Dear Senator Gore:

I am so tired of my master complaining that you are making more money on clean energy than John D. Rockefeller made as an oil baron. 

My master is wrong about you.  You are a good human being—not…Continue Reading

Places to go, people to see and things to do

Truth be told – I ‘m not going anywhere, not seeing anyone who isn’t already in my house and don’t have a thing to do.  I am snowbound.  Though what’s really disconcerting is how unnerving it is to be at…Continue Reading

The State of the Union. I did not listen, did you?

President Obama delivered his State of the Union address last night.  I was unable to hear it live and am now unable to bring myself to listen to the taped recording.  They are words, only words, in my opinion.  I’ve heard…Continue Reading

Glad I’m Not You

There have been plenty of days I have dreamt of being a famous celebrity – a sports star.  I sat and wondered what it must be like to be noticed everywhere.  I thought how nice it would be to have my hair done by someone else…Continue Reading

Stay Out of the Bathroom to Feel Better

My sister has a rule.  Ok, she has lots of rules.  One is:  the word ‘hate’ is not allowed in her presence.  She’s a teacher.  It sounds like a good rule for a teacher to have.  Then her best friend adds…Continue Reading

Sponge Bob Scary?

The Washington Capitals play to a sell out crowd in DC almost every night yet in Atlanta on Thursday there was hardly a soul in the stands.  It looked a lot like a Washington Nationals game and may soon look like a Washington Redskins…Continue Reading


That is how I felt when I attended the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles.  My mother and I had driven all the way from my small home town in the western reaches of Kentucky.  The trip was the culmination of two years planning on my part. …Continue Reading

The New Snitch Program

“Now if you oppose Obamacare, even in ‘Casual Conversation,’ the White House Wants to Know About It.”  The following comes straight from the White House website:

“There is a lot of disinformation about health insurance…Continue Reading

Good Ol’ Boys

I grew up wanting, dreaming, and even pretending to be a boy. It’s true. I went so far as to introduce myself using a decidedly boys name at one point in my life. This play acting was not related to my sexual orientation by any means. No…Continue Reading

Aging Americans

If the government really wants to help with the aging American’s problems than they should consider the following: Decrease the capital gains taxes that older American’s pay when they sell real assets. Many older American’s have worked…Continue Reading

Disappointment at Annual Health Fair

I attended the 1st Annual Natural Health Fair at the Martinsburg Mall on August 16th. I arrived at the mall at about 11:30 in the morning. Boy was I disappointed. What I was expecting was what was advertised on the website for the Martinsburg…Continue Reading

Services Needed - Apply Within

There are many services I wish would come to Berkeley County. Most of which are in surrounding counties, but with gas being so high, I am not going to drive across the county line to get to them. So if there are any entrepreneurs out there,…Continue Reading

Wanted - A solution to an age old problem

Have you ever wanted something? Something you need to shop around for, it could be a handy man, or that hard to find item that will fix your carpet shampooer. I know I have.

I was looking the other day for furniture wall straps. I…Continue Reading

Like Pulling Teeth

I was recently looking for a place that a couple of my friends, moms like myself, could go and have a good time. You know get out of the house. We all received our stimulus checks and have cash to spend. Oh, it didn’t matter what kind…Continue Reading

Playing for keeps

MARTINSBURG - Two of the toughest lessons to TEACH are tolerance and patience. Which means it is even tougher for everyone to LEARN such lessons.

We all have our moments: our toes tapping on the accelerator as the old man in the car…Continue Reading