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Narcan saves lives event

Every Friday at 6:00 PM at Callahan Counseling Services, 1020 Winchester Avenue, Martinsburg, John Aldis, MD, AAFP, MPH and TM conducts a class focusing on the administration of naxalone for heroin overdoses.  There is also an opportunity…Continue Reading

U.S. Cellular Offers Solutions To Help Meet Your New Year’s Resolutions

MARTINSBURG, W.Va. (Dec. 29, 2015) – Panhandle residents are setting goals to improve their health in the New Year. Many of today’s smartphones offer apps and features that can help keep you on track and ensure you stick to your resolutions…Continue Reading

Healthy Berkeley presents: New Year, New You!

Healthy Berkeley: It’s Up to Us! is excited to announce the start of NEW YEAR/NEW YOU! - a program that focuses on promoting movement and health.

The kick-off is on October 13 at noon at the square in Martinsburg and will include…Continue Reading

Managing Stress: Are you an Introvert or Extrovert?

Knowing whether you are an Introvert or Extrovert may be the key to unlocking and reducing your stress levels.

Learn how in the latest article from A Brighter Tomorrow Counseling, Managing…Continue Reading

What To Expect From Wireless In 2015

Wireless technology is ever-changing, but West Virginia residents and businesses can stay on the cutting edge in 2015 with a little insight on upcoming industry trends.

Jay Ellison, executive vice president of operations for U.S.…Continue Reading

Stress Management, What Do I Do With All My Stuff?

Have you ever been overwhelmed, stressed and burdened by the amount of “stuff” that you own?  Do you own the “stuff”?  Or does the “stuff” own you?  Managing your stuff and simplifying things might be a key to reducing…Continue Reading

Inversion Workshop at Jala Yoga’s Shepherdstown Studio

Shepherdstown, WV—Jala Yoga, the vibrant yoga studio with locations in Shepherdstown, Charles Town, and Winchester, VA, hosts a workshop on inversions in its Shepherdstown studio, 117 West German Street, on Thursday, September 4. …Continue Reading

Yoga Classes to Benefit Open Minds Foundation

Shepherdstown, WV – In the spirit of karma yoga, or giving back in selfless service, Jala Yoga will offer $5 classes on each Sunday in August from 3-4 pm to benefit a new not-for-profit organization, the Open Minds Foundation.  Classes…Continue Reading

There Are No Swinging Watches In Clinical Hypnotism

When most people think about hypnosis they think about swinging watches, people barking like dogs and evil Svengali’s utilizing mind control on unsuspecting people. However, this portrayal of hypnosis could not be farther from the truth.…Continue Reading

Shenandoah Community Health Announces Their Newest Location

Shenandoah Community Health is pleased to announce their newest location in Jefferson County.  Behavioral Health Services providers are now seeing patients at 44 Trifecta Place, Suite 205, in Charles Town.  A team of Three Psychiatrists,…Continue Reading

Medicaid Enrollment Clinics to be Held Locally

Under the Affordable Care Act, WV Medicaid now offers insurance coverage to some individuals and families who were not previously eligible. To assist in enrollment, several organizations will be offering enrollment clinics throughout the…Continue Reading

Fall into Autumn Retreat at Jala Yoga

Shepherdstown, WV—Jala Yoga, the beautiful and inspiring yoga studio at Mellow Moods Cafe and Juice Bar, 117 West German Street, Shepherdstown, hosts a “Fall into Autumn” retreat with Emily Phillips-Geeza on Sunday, October 27,…Continue Reading

Lyme Afflicted Entrepreneur Seeking to Raise Awareness About America’s Hidden Epidemic

Martinsburg, WV- Arthur Ebeling believes that Lyme disease is one of the great health crises of our time. Ebeling, a former collegiate athlete, has been under the assault of the disease for over a decade. A very late diagnosis in 2010 had…Continue Reading

Make-A-Wish and PenMar Development Corporation bring KCBS Pro BBQ Competition to Washington County

Cascade, MD - For the first time ever, Washington County will play host to a Professional BBQ Competition on May 25th and May 26th, 2013 at Fort Ritchie in Cascade, MD.  Dubbed THE MEMORIAL DAY PIGNIC, the competition will feature 45-60…Continue Reading

Dance and Movement Improvisation Master Class

Shepherdstown, WV – Visiting dance artist Katherine Ferrier will teach a dance improvisation master class on Saturday, June 16, 9:30-11:30 am at the War Memorial Building, 102 E. German Street Shepherdstown.  The class, entitled “Embodied…Continue Reading

Award Winning Stress Expert to Speak in Martinsburg

Award winning author and motivational speaker Aila Accad, RN will be appearing in the
Martinsburg /Shepherdstown area April 12-15.

Accad’s book “34 Instant Stress-Busters: Quick tips to de-stress fast with no extra…Continue Reading

Professor Patricia H. Lee, faculty member of WVU College of Law scheduled for the Eastern Panhandle

Professor Patricia H. Lee, a faculty member of West Virginia University’s College of Law, who directs the Entrepreneurship Law Clinic, will be a featured speaker during the 2012 Common Ground International Book Fest scheduled for Saturday,…Continue Reading

Solstice and New Year’s Yoga Workshops at Jala Yoga

Shepherdstown, WV—Jala Yoga, the beautiful and inspiring yoga studio at Mellow Moods Cafe and Juice Bar, 117 West German Street, Shepherdstown, is pleased to sponsor two seasonal yoga workshops led by returning guest teacher Katie Day,…Continue Reading

Holiday Events Cultivate Good Karma at Jala Yoga

Shepherdstown, WV—Jala Yoga, the beautiful and inspiring yoga studio at Mellow Moods Cafe and Juice Bar, 117 West German Street, Shepherdstown, is offering several karma yoga events during the holiday season.  In the spirit of…Continue Reading

Vino & Vinyasa and Handstand Workshops at Jala Yoga

Shepherdstown, WV—Jala Yoga, the beautiful and inspiring yoga studio at Mellow Moods Cafe and Juice Bar, 117 West German Street, Shepherdstown, will offer two fantastic workshops in October.  Both will expand your yoga practice…Continue Reading

Mission Ridge Sober Living Community Home Opens near Charles Town

Charles Town, WV - Mission Ridge, a sober living home modeled after the Oxford Houses tradition…Continue Reading

Rocket Yoga Workshop at Jala Yoga

Shepherdstown, WV—Jala Yoga, the beautiful and inspiring yoga studio at Mellow Moods Cafe and Juice Bar, 117 West German Street, Shepherdstown, will offer a special workshop on “Rocket Yoga” on Friday, September 23, 8-10 pm. The…Continue Reading

Free Health Expo in Berkeley Springs on October 8th and 9th

Berkeley Springs, WV - The free Health Expo is a group of exhibits where people can get free Health screenings and information. With each station is a Kids Expo station so children can participate as well in free games, crafts and giveaways.…Continue Reading

Jala Yoga offers 5-week Beginner Course and additional Fall Workshops

Shepherdstown, WV—Jala Yoga, the beautiful and inspiring yoga studio at Mellow Moods Cafe and Juice Bar, 117 West German Street, Shepherdstown, is offering a 5-week Course for Beginners starting on September 7.  The class, taught…Continue Reading

Mindful Moving Class Integrates Yoga and Dance

Shepherdstown, WV—“Mindful Moving,” a movement class integrating yoga, dance, and improvisation, will be taught by Kitty Clark on eight consecutive Wednesday evenings, from September 7-October 26.  The class takes place from…Continue Reading

Shepherd Department of Social Work presents Aging Well Workshop on May 20

SHEPHERDSTOWN, WV—The Shepherd University Department of Social Work and the West Virginia Bureau of Senior Services will present the Third Annual Aging Well Workshop, Life’s Heroic Journey: Care of Self/Caring for Others, on Friday,…Continue Reading

Relay for Life at Shepherd University to be held this weekend

Shepherdstown, WV—Shepherd University’s ninth annual Relay for Life will be held April 15, and organizers are prepared to roll out the red carpet for cancer survivors with this year’s theme, “Lights, Camera, Take Action.”

Continue Reading

Pepsi Refresh: Perform Mime Entertainment & Educational Learning for Cancer patients

Mime in Motion Entertainment is looking for support in their bid to gain $5000 funding via the Pepsi Refresh Project.

Continue Reading

Picts, Results: Remembering Michael 5K Raises $3000 for Cystic Fibrosis Foundation

Continue Reading

GOP delegates score huge victory in nationwide fight to repeal Obamacare

Charleston, WV - Step one toward implementing Obamacare in West Virginia was killed by House Republicans this week.  The May Special Session ended without passing a bill that requires West Virginia taxpayers to pay for a program created…Continue Reading

Confused About the New Health Legislation?

According to a recent poll by the nonprofit Kaiser Family Foundation, the public is evenly split between support and opposition of the recently adopted national health legislation. Some Americans were pleased, others angry, but mostly they…Continue Reading

Shepherd softball team honors survivors and those affected by breast cancer April 17

SHEPHERDSTOWN, WV—The Shepherd University softball team will host a “KO Cancer” fundraising event in honor of those affected by breast cancer on Saturday, April 17 prior to their game against Davis and Elkins at 1 p.m. at the Shepherd…Continue Reading

Workshop at Shepherd University: Aging Well: Creative Aging at Any Age

SHEPHERDSTOWN, WV—The Shepherd University Department of Social Work and the West Virginia Bureau of Senior Services will present the workshop Aging Well: Creative Aging at Any Age on Wednesday, May 12 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. in the Robert…Continue Reading

Local doctor to speak at Shepherd

SHEPHERDSTOWN, WV—As Shepherd University prepares for this year’s Relay for Life, Dr. Laura Dabinett, of Winchester, Virginia, will speak to the campus community about women’s health and cancer. The event will be held at 2 p.m.…Continue Reading

Photo Gallery: Homegrown for Hospice

Harpers Ferry, WV - Hospice of the Panhandle held their “Homegrown for Hospice” benefit dinner and auction at The…Continue Reading

Stay Out of the Bathroom to Feel Better

My sister has a rule.  Ok, she has lots of rules.  One is:  the word ‘hate’ is not allowed in her presence.  She’s a teacher.  It sounds like a good rule for a teacher to have.  Then her best friend adds…Continue Reading

Hospice Support Activities

Hospice of the Panhandle hosts a full day of grief support activities the second Saturday of each month.  Join us for one or all of the programs offered.

Writing Memoirs & Remembrances combines elements of both a workshop…Continue Reading

H1N1 (Swine Flu) Seminar

Approximately 100 community and medical personnel attended the Free Community Mini-Medical School Seminar held October 6, 2009 at the Robert C. Byrd Health Sciences Center in Martinsburg.  The topic covered H1N1 (Swine Flu).

Dr.…Continue Reading

The Communication of the Dying

Martinsburg—At the end of life, the dying person may experience periods of apparent confusion marked by an unusual kind of verbal communication and gesturing.  In past years it was believed that this behavior was caused by medications…Continue Reading

Hospice Care in the Nursing Home Offers Benefits to Residents at End of Life

(Alexandria, Va) – Researchers at the Harvard Medical School, Department of Health Policy have published a review article of hospice care in the nursing home and found a number of benefits indicating that greater availability of hospice…Continue Reading

Health Care Reform and Advance Care Planning

One of the most controversial issues in the news these days is the advance care planning provision in the House’s health care reform bill that allows for Medicare reimbursement for a physician to consult with a patient about his or her…Continue Reading

CPR Outcomes are Dismal for Hospice Patients

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is used when a person’s heart and/or breathing stops. The rescuer applies a firm push on the chest with the hands, thus compressing the heart, and breathes into the patient’s mouth, filling the lungs…Continue Reading

Hospice Care Collaborates With Nursing Facilities

The young man, just in his forties, had been discharged from the hospital to an area nursing facility. Hospice had been called in to support him and his wife and the hospice nurse was at the facility when he arrived by ambulance. Neither…Continue Reading

You hold the key to hospice for someone you know!

Think for a minute. Think about your family, friends, neighbors, co-workers. Think about the people with whom you go to church and the people you see in the grocery store. Think about those with whom you share a hobby or attend club meetings;…Continue Reading

Follow Swine Flu Cases on Google Maps

Google Maps provides a way for us to visualize the spread / outbreaks of Swine Flu. I’m not sure if this is a good or bad thing?

Google Maps Swine Flu Visualization

Purple marker is confirmed or probable
Pink marker…Continue Reading

Swine Flu Info from WV Bureau for Public Health

The WV Bureau of Public Health has created a resource for Swin Flu related information.

WV Bureau of Public Health: Swine Influenza

Continue Reading

STUDY: Physicians can impact patient feelings of abandonment at the end of life

Former Hospice of the Panhandle Medical Director Timothy Bowers, MD used to remind staff in the early years of hospice that, “When there is nothing more that can be done to cure the terminal illness, there is still a lot we can do for the…Continue Reading

In down economic times, hospice care makes even more sense

Calling hospice for help for people living with progressive, end stage illness makes a lot of sense. Hospice is specialized, comprehensive medical care that supports the patient and family while they are at home or in a home-like setting.…Continue Reading

Obesity, a great danger for all!

As I shared with you in my bio I have freedom to write about anything and everything which interests me. If you have read any of my articles you know that business, finance, faith, and the health of our environment are some areas that interest…Continue Reading

Reduce Toxin Exposure and Improve Your Health

I would like to talk to you about how to reduce toxin exposure to improve your health. Our skin is the largest respiratory and elimination organ in our body. It works with our kidneys and our liver to remove toxins. Our skin in semi-permeable,…Continue Reading