WVCALA: Audit finds Justice Robin Davis Used State-Owned Vehicle to Attend Political Fundraiser

Press release received from WV Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse

Charleston, W.Va. – Legal watchdog group West Virginia Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse (WV CALA) issued the following release in response to a recently published report that shows Justice Robin Davis used a state-owned vehicle to attend a Parkersburg fundraiser for her political re-election campaign and another political event at the Raleigh County Armory.

The audit, which was conducted by the West Virginia Legislative Auditor’s Office, revealed seven instances where Justice Davis used a state-owned vehicle without a business purpose listed in the court’s vehicle registration files.

The audit says that Davis drove over 1,300 miles in a state-owned car, including to a political fundraiser for her political re-election campaign in Parkersburg and another political event at the Raleigh County Armory.

The audit also shows that Justice Davis often traveled with the Director of Court Security for the Supreme Court of Appeals of West Virginia, who chauffeured her from destination to destination.

“This report exposes another ethical lapse by Justice Robin Davis. She used a state-owned vehicle to attend political functions, including one for her own re-election campaign. What’s even more egregious is that Davis utilized the Director of Security for the court like a personal chauffeur. Justice Davis lives a life of luxury in her $17 million Charleston mansion, she travels on a private jet and owns a million-dollar vacation home. Justice Davis should reimburse the state for her use of a state car and the time of a state employee when she traveled to these political functions,” said Roman Stauffer, Executive Director of WV CALA.

These revelations are on top of Justice Davis’ connection to millionaire Mississippi personal injury lawyer Michael Fuller, who used his tremendous wealth to gain favor with many of West Virginia’s elected officials, including Justice Davis.

Secretary of State Mac Warner called Fuller’s numerous suspicious donations as “a scheme orchestrated by Michael Fuller Jr…” to engage in an alleged straw donor scheme. Fuller raised tens of thousands of dollars for Justice Robin Davis’ political re-election and purchased an airplane from her husband for over $1 million.