WV CALA Encourages Policymakers To Support Lawsuit Reforms That Bring Fairness To Our Court

Press Release received from WV CALA.

Charleston, W.Va. – Allocating responsibility for harm in lawsuits should be based on fairness, according to most West Virginians, and West Virginia policymakers now have the opportunity to make sure that happens in our courtrooms. 

Legal reform watchdog group West Virginia Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse (WV CALA) is urging legislators to pass comparative fault legislation to allow juries to accurately allocate liability in lawsuits.

“The current system is unfair in that some participants in a lawsuit might be held liable for fault or damages for which a jury has not found them responsible. About three out of four West Virginia voters (71%) say a defendant in a lawsuit that a jury finds partially responsible for an accident should be required to pay an amount equal to their role in that accident, according to a recent WV CALA opinion survey,” said Roman Stauffer, Executive Director of the group.

A clear trend in states over the past two decades has been a move away from full joint liability and toward fairness and equating liability with fault.

Stauffer continued, “Our current system unfairly penalizes job creators by forcing them to pay lawsuit costs even when they have very little responsibility for a lawsuit. Forcing people to pay for someone else’s fault drives job opportunities away from West Virginia and hurts our economy.”

West Virginia Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse is a nonprofit citizen watchdog group with 30,000 members interested in a broad range of civil justice issues.  For more information, visit http://www.WVCALA.org.