Who Do You Trust?

At the present time with all the financial uncertainty which we are experiencing we’re being bombarded with financial terms that are foreign, and definitions that are unknown such as sub-prime, credit default swaps, Libor, toxic paper, derivatives, 201K plans (as opposed to former 401K’s), and the government TARP programs. Many of these are unknown because they are terms for things which never existed until recently.

But, two financial terms that are being thrown around today are more common, and though you may understand their meaning on an economic level, I want to share with you their meaning in a purely personal sense. These words are recession and depression. Recession and Depression! Friends… On a personal level a recession is when your neighbor loses his job, whereas a depression is when you or I lose our job!

As is stated in my bio, I am a Christian who has served as a pastor for more than a decade and as such I have a Biblical worldview as a opposed to a secular view. I may not always view things in the same way as some of the more pious in the Christian community, but I do have the faith to believe the Bible when it speaks of all the ways that the Creator of this universe cares for His creation. I said all that to say this.

A good friend of mind who is a man of faith, on Friday experienced a financial depression as defined by me. After many years of employment with Qwest Communications, he along with many others nationwide were laid off. In given his walking papers, his supervisor told him that it would be so much easier if he had to fire my friend for cause rather than lay him off, considering the fact that he had been such a faithful employee, and an asset to the firm. But, business is business, and my dear friend became a casualty of the severe financial downturn.

The question I thought of as my friend shared this horrible news with me was, how will he and his wife’s faith in Christ guide, direct and strengthen them during this time of tremendous uncertainty? Friends, it only took a short time for that question to be answered, because my friend’s next response answered it very clearly. He said to me that through all the years that he has believed in Jesus as Lord and Savior of his life, he has shared with others through word and deed that Christ could be completely trusted to provide for His own. And now that the time had come and what he thought was secure (his career) had been snatched away through no fault of his own, he and his wife would continue to believe God and trust Him to supply all of the family needs.
No doubt or fear resonated in his voice, or in the voice of his wife later on.

Reader…. How about you ?

Do you have a faith that transcends any and all of life’s circumstances? A faith that stands on the promises of God believing that indeed the Lord is your Shepherd and you will never want. I speak to many people and I find many within and outside the church who are filled with much fear and great anxiety over what they see, hear and sense.

Friends, a bit of both may be natural, but as a Christian, to be overwhelmed by fear and and paralyzed by anxiety is unnatural as it speaks of the insufficiency of our Lord to take care of His own.

Listen friends, our security and well-being cannot be found in our wealth and riches, and will not come from President elect Obama, a Democratic Congress, or any number of Wall Street schemes or government bailouts. No… genuine assurance and security can be found only in the Lord and God of Holy Scripture. In Jesus the Christ!

Does that type of thinking seem naive and childish to you? So be it! But, like two great men of the Bible, King David and the Apostle Paul, I know that God can and does take care of His own. I have personally experienced this God-given peace many times in my 59 years on this earth!

Let me close with the words of these men, words that have comforted so many during times of great concern and uncertainty. The Apostle Paul wrote these words to encourage the Church at Philippi…. “ And my God shall supply all your needs according to His riches in glory by Jesus Christ.” And, King David of the Old Testament in looking back at a long life that was often times filled with uncertainty, he and his people could unashamedly say this ..... “ I have been young, and now am old; yet I have not seen the righteous forsaken, nor His descendants begging for bread. He is ever merciful, and lends; and His descendants are blessed.

Have a blessed Day !