West Virginia Libertarians Extend Welcome to “Liberty-Minded” Republicans in Light of Trump

Press release received from WV Libertarian Party

“If liberty-minded Republicans – favoring individual liberty, free enterprise, and limited government – are disheartened by the direction of the Republican Party in the wake of the lead Donald Trump holds in the primaries and caucuses thus far,” said Michael Wilson, Chair of the Libertarian Party of West Virginia (LPWV), “the Libertarian Party extends to them a warm welcome to a new home.”

The Libertarian Party is the only political party in West Virginia growing steadily every month in voter registration, Wilson pointed out. “Libertarians often start their journey into our party from the older, established parties,” he explained. “We have former Democrats, Republicans, and independents throughout our ranks, from Tea Party ‘Constitutionalists,’ gun rights fans, and religious conservatives, to free speech purists, ‘Drug War’ opponents, and ‘pierced, tattooed, and alternative lifestyles’ adherents.”

What Libertarians have in common is their politics: “We believe in leaving everyone alone to live their own lives so long as they respect the natural rights of everyone else,” he emphasized.

Wilson forecast that the LPWV will run the largest slate of candidates in 2016 that it has ever put forth and give voters in every precinct in every county a genuine choice to reform runaway Big Government.

“The GOP Presidential contest continues to degenerate into an ugly specter of name-calling and mean-spiritedness. Perhaps this is America’s ‘winter of discontent,’ but for those citizens observing a season of inward reflection and fasting or perhaps anticipating a ‘St. Patrick’s Day’ of joy and a “rising road’ for all, the divisiveness of Mr. Trump’s foul-mouthed and jingoistic campaign must be horribly dispiriting,” Wilson observed.

“We Libertarians in West Virginia stand ready to offer the newly ‘politically homeless’ a springtime respite. There’s room in our tent for all those Republicans dismayed by the Trump boom.”