There Are No Swinging Watches In Clinical Hypnotism

When most people think about hypnosis they think about swinging watches, people barking like dogs and evil Svengali’s utilizing mind control on unsuspecting people. However, this portrayal of hypnosis could not be farther from the truth. The majority of people are unaware of the truth about hypnosis due to the exaggerated tales expressed in Hollywood. Since most people are unaware of what hypnosis really is and how it actually works, they end up missing out on learning how to truly master their minds and how to create the results they desire in life.

There are many great benefits of clinical hypnosis. It can help you to overcome negative habits, create a positive mental attitude, improve sports performance, enhance learning skills, dramatically reduce daily stress, manage pain, and so much more.

There are 3 major misconceptions about hypnosis that concern people. The first is the fear of losing control to a hypnotist. A person never gives up control while hypnotized but rather hypnosis lets a person take back control of an area of their life that may be out of control. All hypnosis is self-hypnosis and nobody can be hypnotized against their will. A clinical hypnotist serves as a guide in a self-therapeutic process, and the person being hypnotized must be willing to participate or else the process will be ineffective. As long as a person is willing to follow directions of the hypnotist and they are comfortable with the process then anybody can be hypnotized.

The second big misconception people have concerning hypnosis is the fear of revealing secrets while hypnotized. Hypnosis is not a truth serum and while you are hypnotized nothing would cause you to do or reveal anything you normally wouldn’t. You are always in complete control while you are hypnotized, and while in a session you would only speak when asked to and would only divulge information related to the challenge you are attempting to overcome. At no point in time would a hypnotized person spontaneously reveal their deep dark secrets, this only happens in the movies.

The third major misconception people have as a result of the Hollywood portrayal is that a person can get stuck in hypnosis. In the movie Office Space, the lead character Peter gets hypnotized, and during his session the hypnotist has a heart attack and dies causing Peter to stay stuck in hypnosis. This could only happen in the movies. It is impossible for a person to get stuck in hypnosis because it is a natural state of mind similar to vividly daydreaming. If something would happen to the hypnotist or they would simply leave one of two things would happen. Either the person would open there eyes after several minutes of silence and go about their normal business or they would simply slip into a natural nap waking up in just a few minutes. Contrary to the Hollywood portrayal of hypnosis there is nothing dangerous about hypnosis.

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