Shepherdstown Rotary Club Honors Four Individuals

The Shepherdstown Rotary Club recently presented its highest award, the Paul Harris Award, to four individuals. The awards were presented at the club’s date weekly breakfast meeting at Shepherdstown’s Bavarian Inn on December 19. The awardees were:

• Jay Hurley, owner of O’Hurley’s General Store in Shepherdstown.

• Judy Moore, a retired Shepherdstown realtor who was the first woman member of the Shepherdstown Rotary Club.

• Christian Asam, President and General Manager of Shepherdstown’s Bavarian Inn.

• Dana Orsini, who served as President of the Shepherdstown Rotary Club from 2015-2016.

The Paul Harris Award is named for the individual who founded Rotary International in 1905, Paul Percy Harris (1868-1947).

The Shepherdstown Club periodically bestows this award on Club and community members who exemplify the Rotary motto of “Service Above Self.” The Club makes a $1,000 contribution from its own funds to the International Rotary organization’s charitable foundation on each awardee’s behalf.

The award to Judy Moore followed a presentation, by current Club Treasurer Karen Kinnett, about the role women have played in Rotary.

When Rotary was founded in 1905, women were excluded from membership. The admission of women was first raised as an issue in 1950, and debate over the issue grew in the U.S. and elsewhere through the 60s, 70s, and 80s. In 1987, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that Rotary could not exclude women, and Rotary issued a policy statement that said qualified women could join U.S. Rotary Clubs. However, the international Rotary organization did not change its constitution to permit the admission of women worldwide until 1989. The Shepherdstown Rotary Club was founded in April of 1987, and Judy Moore joined the Club in October of that year.

Jay Hurley, left, with Rotarian Bill Howard

Dana Orsini, left, with Rotarian Tom Miller

Christian Asam, left, with his father, Erwin Asam, who was one of the founders of the Shepherdstown Rotary Club

Photo: Judy Moore, left, with Rotarian Karen Kinnett