Shale Energy Alliance Endorses Senator Craig Blairs’ support of Senate Bill 383

Charleston, W.Va.—The Shale Energy Alliance initiated a multi-week radio ad campaign today to thank State Senator Craig Blair for supporting Senate Bill 383, which promotes the efficient extraction of oil and gas resources across the mountain state. Passing Senate Bill 383 will have many positive impacts for natural gas development in West Virginia; including the creation of good-paying jobs and much need tax revenue that will help to improve our local roads and schools.

State Senator Craig Blair supports the continued development of West Virginia’s shale energy resources and the related industry jobs and revenues that are critical to sustaining the state’s budget. The radio ads encourage local constituents to call Senator Blair and thank him for supporting Senate Bill 383 and for supporting joint development legislation that will allow West Virginia citizens to continue to benefit from ongoing natural gas development.

There are several shale energy related issues that will be addressed during the current legislative session – and Shale Energy Alliance will be focused on highlighting the need for rational shale development and the jobs and revenue it brings to West Virginia.

Listen to the radio ad for State Senator Craig Blair.