FIREBALL RUN Season 10 ‘Anniversary Edition’ Premieres on Amazon

SANTA FE, NM. – The much anticipated tenth season of the Fireball Run television series has premiered on Amazon Video.  Segments of the 26-episode adventure-travel series take place in and around Hagerstown, Maryland. Season 10, titled Anniversary Edition, spotlights the great history, sights, attractions, and people of Western Maryland.

Typically, Fireball Run is released 11 months after live production completion. However, a number of studio delays prevented producers from making the original September 2017 premiere date. “We sincerely regret the lengthy series delay. Unfortunately, there are circumstances which we as producers do not control. I know so many great folks in the community have been anxiously waiting for their moment. Entertainment at times can be an unpredictable industry,” said J. Sanchez, Fireball Run’s creator and showrunner. He continued, “That being said, while I am proud to announce our best season to date. As well, I want to thank Dan Spedden, President of the Visit Hagerstown & Washington County Convention and Visitors Bureau, all those who volunteered from the community, and of course former Mayor Gysberts who took a hands-on role in attracting the production to the area.”

Fireball Run is best described as a contest, history, and travel show combined. Filmed authentically in real-time, Fireball Run chronicles the 2,000-mile adventurous journey of 40 driving teams as they receive several clues which if solved, lead to rare, historic, or epic experiences within the destinations featured in the series.

Teams receive points for successfully locating and experiencing each location. No easy task; solving the clues often involves assistance from a strong support team of fans, family, friends. In the case of number 73, IntergraOptics,  Bazillion Astronaut Marcos Pontes not only had NASA’s assistance, all of Brazil interacted with him on Facebook. How well did teams score in their frenzied adventure to find notable sites in Hagerstown? You’re in luck if you have an Amazon Prime account. The series is distributed by Amazon and bingeing is free for Prime members. If not, maybe it’s time to join. Alternately, you can just go to Amazon to buy, download and keep the entire season. 

More than entertainment; since 2007 the series has leveraged its exposure to support Child Rescue Network, a 501-c3 charity. Fireball Run is equally renowned for its Race To Recover America’s Missing Children. Each competing team is assigned a child missing from their local region and provided 2000 posters featuring the child to distribute along the 2,000-mile, ten-day journey. The series has since aided in the successful recovery of 50 missing children.   

Watch Season 10 of FIREBALL RUN on Amazon.