Pepsi Refresh: Perform Mime Entertainment & Educational Learning for Cancer patients

Mime in Motion Entertainment is looking for support in their bid to gain $5000 funding via the Pepsi Refresh Project.

From the Pepsi Refresh Project page:
My objective is to go on rounds with medical teams and visit in-patients providing hope and healing the hearts of cancer patients through enthusiastic entertainment as a mime. I will perform quality entertainment in mime to music on the wards for patients. MIME’s goal is to entertain and shed light on the new face of mime and the performing arts. I will entertain and educate patients and staff with kinetics (movement). I mime each song and skit without words, but with my heartfelt expression of love and compassion showing others that they can overcome every obstacle that life brings their way. I offer my gift freely to patients because I know they can not go out and see entertainment so I am taking entertainment to them!

Goal: Document performances and present to the American Cancer Society to start the MIME Foundation to share and expand this idea and to encourage & support dramatric arts students to pursue their dreams.

Voting ends Sept. 30. View the full proposal on