New Voice Play Festival 2018 at The Old Opera House Schedule Announced

June 22 & 23 at 8:00pm or June 24 at 2:30pm

Each June this one-act play festival attracts some of the country’s most gifted new playwrights. See the works of four of the best plays submitted each year and get the unique opportunity to serve as a theatre critic and vote for your favorite entry.

The Wonder of You
by Bara Swain - New York, NY
Directed by Rene Farabaugh

Autumn Carver as Sara
Tod Williams as Mike

Two, seemingly, perfect strangers meet by a small-town Georgian, street bench. They are both looking for answers to the past. Mike has come home hoping to come to terms with his past for his present family. Sara must come to terms with her present to leave her past. Is this meeting accidental or magical thinking?

Awkward Age
by Amy Hebb - Brunswick, MD  
Directed by Lee Hebb

Karen Heyser-Paone as Ellie
Will Heyser-Paone as Gary
Sheree Cipicchio as Bunny
Charles Boyce as Stu

Ellie is still reeling from the abrupt ending of her 25-year marriage after her ex-husband Stuart left her for a much younger woman. Ellie’s composure and dignity are challenged when she finds herself attending the wedding of her former sister-in-law, and is seated at the same table as her ex-husband and his barely legal girlfriend. Ellie, along with Gary, a new friend she has made through a mutual interest, must navigate the nuptials; and the uncomfortable silences. Then, when Stuart suddenly reveals a secret; Ellie is reeling once again, as she must decide between her old life, or new possibilities.

The Closet
by Steffi Rubin - Chapel Hill, NC
Directed by Valorie Phillips
Barb McCormick as Caroline
Jen Glymph as Erin

Two sisters get together for a long overdue night out. As different as night and day, the designer and sibling, a stay-at-home mom, explore their relationship in The Closet. Erin - the youngest, in her late 30s to early 40s, is a successful fashion designer. Caroline - the eldest, in her late 40s to early 50s, is a busy stay at home mom raising three children.

Flight Plans
by Jennifer Hart - Arlington, VA
Directed by Erin “Beth” Bracket
Linda Romero as Eleanor
Stephanie Sumers as Sherri
Zac Gilbert as Tyler
David McCulley as Kurt

A raging thunderstorm grounds all planes at an airport. Eleanor, an older woman, invites three strangers back to her home for some food and comfort. Kurt, a middle-aged businessman, Tyler, a late teen/early 20’s kid, and Sherri, a 20’s/30’s mother. All three strangers are impatient to continue their travels, but are grateful for their unknown savior, however, they have no idea what they are in store for, as Eleanor has an agenda of her own with her new crop of stranded travelers.

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Students/Children $12.00 all performances
Friday & Saturday at 8pm & Sunday at 2:30pm

The Old Opera House
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