Mooney Campaign “A Vote For Casey Is A Vote For Obama’s Job-Killing Policies”

Press Release received from Mooney campaign.

Kearneysville, WV - Yesterday, President Barack Obama stated that his out-of-touch, job-killing policies, represented by Democrat candidates like Nick Casey in West Virginia, would be on the ballot next month in November’s election.

“I’m not on the ballot this Fall,” President Obama said in a speech. “But make no mistake about it, these policies are on the ballot, every single one of them.” President Obama then continued to say that his endorsements in this election were “implied” (President Obama speech at Northeastern University, 10/2/14)

“Nick Casey is nothing but a rubber stamp for President Obama’s out-of-touch, job-killing policies that are hurting West Virginia families and businesses,” said campaign spokesperson Nick Clemens. “In his own words, President Obama has made it clear that a vote for liberal Nick Casey is a vote for President Obama’s War on Coal, gun-control, Obamacare, higher taxes and more spending. The alternative is Alex Mooney who has a proven record of standing up for our values and fighting against Obama’s radical agenda.”

Let’s count the ways Nick Casey represents Obama’s liberal agenda:

WAR ON COAL: As chairman of the West Virginia Democratic Party, Nick Casey supported a return to the environmentalist Kyoto Treaty that would have devastated West Virginia’s coal industry and killed as many as 47,000 coal jobs (2008 West Virginia Democratic Party Platform, adopted June 14, 2008; Impact of the Kyoto Protocol on West Virginia’s Economy, David Greenstreet, West Virginia University, December 1999).

OBAMACARE: Nick Casey wrote an op-ed supporting Obamacare (The Herald-Dispatch, 06/16/09) and organized a bus tour throughout West Virginia to promote Obamacare (AP, 10/28/09).

ENDORSED OBAMA: Nick Casey was a super delegate who endorsed Barack Obama in 2008 and campaigned for Obama across the state (Charleston Gazette, 06/07/08; Politico, 10/19/08). Casey endorsed Obama again in 2012.

ABORTION: Nick Casey supports late-term abortions even after the child can feel pain. He also supports Obamacare which provides taxpayer funding of abortion (West Virginians for Life Survey, 2014).

GUN CONTROL: Nick Casey has repeatedly refused to fight for our Second Amendment right to bear arms (Martinsburg Journal, 9/28/14) and he received a mediocre B- rating from the National Rifle Association (NRA-PVF, 2014).

WASTEFUL SPENDING: In 2009, Nick Casey supported President Obama’s wasteful stimulus and attacked Republicans who voted against it (West Virginia State Democratic Party Demo Memo, 02/13/09).