Libertarian Buckley for WV Senate speaks up for marriage equality AND Christians’ religious liberty

Press Release received from Buckley campaign.

Beckley, WV - Fmr. Del. John Buckley, the Libertarian candidate for U.S. Senate, in Beckley for newspaper interviews and campaigning at a gun show, today issued a qualified endorsement of the series of decisions by federal courts to enable same-gender marriage in West Virginia.

Neither Buckley’s Republican or Democratic opponents have welcomed marriage equality to the Mountain State.

Buckley’s support for marriage rights for gay Americans comes with support for the religious liberty of Christian West Virginians:

“I support extending marriage equality to same-gender couples as a matter of equal protection. Back in June, I challenged my Republican and Democratic opponents to take a stand. They demurred until now, rather than show any leadership on this issue.”

While welcoming the decision, Buckley cautioned:

“At the same time, it would have proven a better path to social harmony had same-gender marriage been approved in West Virginia by the state legislature rather than imposed by federal courts.

“And, if state bans are to be held unconstitutional, I think the U.S. Supreme Court owes the American people a full and reasoned opinion.

“The next challenge in the seemingly unceasing ‘culture wars,’ will be that of protecting the same rights of conscience and equal respect to those in the Christian community whose moral, cultural, and religious values are not in harmony with same-sex marriage and relationships.”

Concluding, Buckley proposes:

“Now that the gay community has achieved marriage equality, it’s time to extend an olive branch to the other side.  No one should be forced by government to provide services that run contrary to their moral values. It’s time to ‘Live and Let Live.’”