Leitersburg Cinemas Adds New Technology for Hearing and Visually-Impaired Patrons

Hagerstown, Maryland [September 30, 2014]:  Continuing to grow and improve the local movie-going experience, Leitersburg Cinemas recently expanded their technology to include closed captioning, hearing impaired technology, and descriptive video for the visually impaired.

Local independent theater installs closed captioning, sound amplification, and descriptive video technology

“Our recent conversion to digital projection and sound made it possible to install the new hearing impaired software and equipment,” said Greg Mills, Chief Operating Officer of High Rock Holdings, the parent company of Leitersburg Cinemas.  “Each of our theaters has been equipped with high tech transmitters to use with individual devices to help our deaf, hearing impaired, and visually impaired customers.”  The pieces of technology that have been incorporated are:

  • Closed captioning (for deaf or hearing impaired): Individual adjustable screens that display the movie’s dialogue.
  • Sound amplification (for hearing impaired): Individual headphones that amplify the movie’s audio.
  • Descriptive video (for blind or visually impaired): Individual headphones that provide audio narrated descriptions of the key visual elements of the movie during the natural pauses between dialogue.

Mills added, “While the theater industry is slowly moving in this direction, we felt it was necessary to offer this technology now versus waiting for it to be federally mandated.  It’s an important part of our commitment to providing a better overall movie experience for all customers.”

The system will be available for use beginning Friday, October 3, 2014. Patrons interested using any of the devices should ask the box office for assistance. Leitersburg Cinemas will also be offering “Open Caption” events on the last Thursday of each month, during which the movie’s dialogue will be projected onto the big screen for everyone in the theater to see.  Visit LeitersburgCinemas.com for more details on these events.

Reopened in 2010 by Rich Daughtridge and Dave Schleigh, Leitersburg Cinemas has seen great success – including exceeding national averages.  The owners attribute the success to a supportive community, affordable pricing, and ongoing facility improvements.  Leitersburg Cinemas is located at 20145 Leitersburg Pike in Hagerstown, Maryland.  For more information, visit LeitersburgCinemas.com or Facebook.com/LeitersburgCinemas.