Jeffferson County League of Women Voters elects new President

The League of Women Voters of Jefferson County welcomes new President Effie Kallas, who was elected May 22 at the League’s Annual Meeting. We are particularly pleased that has served as League President in the past and has been active in League events ever since.

“This is an exciting time for the League.”  Effie Kallas says, “Local interest in the political process has been growing exponentially and young people are eager to register and vote! I hope to carry forward Debbie’s many accomplishments and build on them.”

Former President Debbie Royalty stepped down after leading the group for five eventful years.  She presided over a period of extensive growth and change in the organization, leading the League in its core mission of supporting government transparency and high ethical standards.  Observers from League attended public meetings of governing bodies in the county.  She was herself an observer of the school board.  She made sure League continued to put the public in touch with its legislators through forums, breakfast meetings, and direct appeals on issues of interest to the organization. Under her leadership, the organization monitored the state and local budget process and drew early attention to community problems from insufficient library funding to the lack of local treatment options for addiction.

Ms. Royalty also continued League’s practice of putting legislators in touch with the public through forums, breakfast meetings, and direct appeals on issues of interest to the League. Under her leadership, thousands of people were registered to vote!

During her time in office, the Jefferson County League revised its bylaws, formalized its job descriptions, and created an informative and up-to-date website. She supported strong contacts with national, state and local Leagues and entered into partnerships with other community organizations such as the NAACP,  The Potomac Valley Audubon Society, the West Virginia Rivers Coalition, the local high schools and the Byrd Legislative Center. League was on parade during holidays in Shepherdstown and Charles Town and celebrated important anniversaries and the accomplishments of the Suffragettes.

The organization congratulates its outgoing president and looks forward to continued growth under its new leadership.

The League of Women Voters works to encourage informed and active participation in the democratic process through voter registration, education and the promotion of fair, active and open government. The League of Women Voters of Jefferson County, WV neither supports nor opposes candidates but is engaged in local, state, and national issues of importance to our community. We encourage you to explore our website, attend our forums, and become a member.