Friends of Music Donate Drum to Bedington Elementary School

The Friends of Music have donated a Cajón drum to the music program at the Bedington Elementary School. The drum was presented to Ms. Nicole Slick’s Second-Grade music class at the school on Wednesday, May 2. The accompanying photo shows some of Ms. Slick’s students experimenting with the instrument.

A Cajón is a box-shaped percussion instrument that was developed in 18th century Peru. It is played by slapping the front or rear faces with the hands, fingers, or various implements such as brushes, mallets, or sticks. Long popular in South America and Cuba, it was adopted into Spanish flamenco music in the 1970s and by now can be found in nearly every style of music, including rock and hip-hop. Its simplicity makes it an ideal instrument for young children; it is extremely durable and offers a fun way to learn the basics of percussion.

The Cajón donated to the school was made by LP, a leading maker of Latin percussion instruments. The Friends of Music said the total value of the donation was $250. The organization purchased the drum locally, at Ellsworth Music Supply and Repair, in Ranson, to help support local business as well as assist local students. Because the instrument was to be donated, Ellsworth provided it at a substantial discount.

Friends President Linda Walker said the donation of this instrument is part of an ongoing effort by the Friends to help support music education in local schools. She said the organization hopes to dedicate a total of $7,000 to this purpose this year, twice as much as last year.

The Friends of Music is a Shepherdstown-based, non-profit organization that was founded in 1999 to support and promote musical excellence. It supports the Two Rivers Chamber Orchestra, the only professional classical music orchestra in the Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia, and one of only three of such orchestras in the state. Full information about the Friends and the Orchestra is available at