Do It Yourself Mentor Service

We Help You Build, inc. understands in todays market many home owners are turning to do-it-yourself projects. We fully understand this and in many cases we suggest this, most of time.

Do-it-yourself has many advantages: First, the projects can cost much less by doing it yourself and secondly, there is a lot of self satisfaction in completing a project on your own. Really getting pride in home ownership.

However, the benefits of doing a project on your own can and often does lead to trouble. Many home owners can do 98% of the work, but sometimes run into a snag here and there. Getting started, knowing what you might run into doing the project, running in problems during the project and don’t have anyone to call.

Now you can take advantage of over 30 years of experience if you use our Mentor program. Under our program we would only charge on an hourly, or part of an hour bases, with some consideration for fuel costs. You could bring us in from
the out set and look over what you have in mind. Some things are simple and other things are not so simple.

A good example might be putting on a new deck. Doing the layout work to get started can be a little tricky. Most home owners are not going to have the tools to shut grades or know how to do a square up to the existing building.

Little things, to the pros, but most home owners cannot deal with these types of issues. We can get you started and then you can take off from there.

Under most situations home owners can write down all their questions in advance and the pro will fill in all the areas the home owner did not think of. A professional mentor under our program will cost the home owner about $50.00 per hour plus a fuel allowance. During the process of the project, the home owner can call the mentor for quick help on the phone at no charge.
But if the home owner really needs on site help the same fee applies.

Under our mentor program we can even do cad design drawings to help the project along. It is handy to have drawings ahead of time. See what your idea will look like before you start to spend money. Most of the time drawings are required to pull permits even for do-it-yourself projects.

Our mentor program offers a lot of information at very affordable prices. Unlike contracting the whole job out, just paying a little for information is a great way to keep costs down. Also, if the home owner gets in over his head part way through a project, the home owner can always hire our company to finish the project on a cost plus bases and you can read about our cost plus program at our web site.

Getting great advice from the pros without killing the pocket book and the satisfaction of doing your own project. What a way to go.

Our new mentor program can work for anything the home owner wants to do, from building a deck, remodel a bath, put a new addition on or remodel the complete kitchen.