Buckley Challenges Tennant and Warner to Series of 5 Debates in Secretary of State Contest

Libertarian candidate for Secretary of State John Buckley congratulates Natalie Tennant and Mac Warner on their respective primary victories for nomination for Secretary of State and calls for a series of 5 debates across West Virginia to contrast their candidacies in the fall election. “It is particularly appropriate for the candidates seeking the statewide office that oversees elections to fully air their platforms and qualifications before the public,” said Buckley. “There’s no better way to see democracy in action than in inclusive public debates,” he added.

“I remember primary night in 2014 when Secretary of State Tennant challenged Congresswoman Shelley Capito to a series of debates in that year’s U.S. Senate contest,” Buckley observed. “It was appropriate then and it is appropriate now to let the public decide on candidates after hearing from all of them face to face.”

Buckley was a Senate candidate for the Libertarian Party in that same year. “Unfortunately, Ms. Capito chose to avoid as many debates as possible, but Ms. Tennant showed the fortitude to take on all challengers,” he recalled.

“In this topsy-turvy Presidential election year, the public has demonstrated its interest in candidates who speak directly to the people and not through the distorted lens of paid advertising and behind-the-scenes, ‘off-the-record’ political consultants,” said Buckley. “Inclusive debates are essential to democracy,” he asserted.

Buckley said the public was well-served in the multi-candidate Presidential debates that both parties sponsored throughout the recent primaries and caucuses. As the Libertarian candidate, in a year when voters have proven that they are keenly following the election process, Buckley calls on Ms. Tennant and Mr. Warner to join him in seeking public sponsors for inclusive debates. “Any candidate - for this office in particular - who would avoid inclusive debates is turning his or her back on the spirit of the duties of the Secretary of State position,” said Buckley.

The Libertarian Party of West Virginia is the third largest political party in the Mountain State.