Blogging The Chili Cook-Off, With Results and Pictures

As a participant in the 2007 Chili Cook-Off, Firebrand Media will be blogging during the cook-off to keep you informed of what’s going on at the event.

3:45 - Setup begins. We are given spot #13! We have named our chili ‘Firebrand Media Lucky #13 Chili!’

4:48 - Time to start serving chili! We have a flavorful chili that is more on the mild side. First chili judges are starting to make their way around.

6:35 - We ran out of chili! The first rule of chili cook-off is “don’t run out of chili!” That either means that our chili was very good or my dipping skills need work. It’s probably the latter more than the former - but we’ll see.

7:45 - Awards
Battle of the Rotary - Sunrise Rotary
Battle of the Banks - 1st Susquehanna, 2nd Centra
Hottest - Tracy Smith / Tom Parker
Vegetarian - Tracy Smith / Tom Parker
Most Unique - The Strand
Meatiest - American Red Cross
Traditional - Flowers Unlimited
Booth Decoration - 1st Tracy Smith / Tom Parker, 2nd Susquehanna, 3rd 157th Military
People’s Choice Awards - 1st 157th Military, 2nd American Red Cross, 3rd Sandy and Rick Watson
Celebrity Judging - 1st The Strand, 2nd Susquehanna, 3rd Sandy and Rick Watson
Best All Around - Sandy and Rick Watson

Chili Cook Off Pictures: View Chili Cook-Off Photo Gallery