Bentley’s Specialty Pet Foods Now Open in Historic Hedgesville

Sheila Joy and her husband Jeff Jolles are pleased to announce the opening of their new store, Bentley’s Specialty Pet Foods in the heart of Historic Hedgesville.  The store is located on the corner of Main and Mary streets, more commonly known as routes 9 and 901.

Recently, Virginia Fairbanks, owner of The Pet Lovers Store next to the Hedgesville Food Lion, unexpectedly passed away.  While saddened by the loss of such a wonderful person, Joy and Jeff realized they also lost their only local source of natural and holistic pet food.  And Bentley, their spoiled Cavalier King Charles, has come to rely on this sort of diet for his overall well being.  They believe many other cat and dog owners in the area have also moved away from the more common and mass marketed pet foods. 

Natural, organic, and holistic – it’s all the rave, but what does it really mean?  “Natural and organic are fairly clear, but holistic – that’s a little less so,” Jeff admits.  It was Bentley’s breeder who recommended and turned the couple on to Holistic Select, a dog food that cannot be found in the large retail pet stores.  Jeff points out, “[Bentley’s] products have no chemical preservatives - there are vitamins that naturally preserve food.  They have no byproducts and no pesticides. These products are all made in America except for one and all come from factories where food is made for human consumption meaning they meet USDA requirements regarding food for people.”

While it is a small store by comparison, there is a wide selection to choose from. Bentley’s currently stocks California Natural, Taste of the Wild, Natural Balance, Nature’s Variety, Solid Gold, Evanger’s, Wellness, Merrick, Innova and other natural, organic and grain free food for dogs and cats.

Is there another food in this category of interest to you and your pet? Stop by and talk to Joy or Jeff about it. If they do not carry it, they will consider adding it to their inventory.

Bentley’s Specialty Pet Foods, 100 E. Main St., Hedgesville WV

Open 7 days a week.  304-579-8555

Bentley’s is a pet friendly store. All paws are welcome inside.