An Open Letter to the Eastern Panhandle from CNB Bank, Inc. President Tom Rokisky

Dear CNB Customers, Residents and Businesses of the Eastern Panhandle and Western Maryland:

We begin 2009 in the midst of one of the most challenging periods in many years. You see
everyday in the national news that our global economy is in disarray and the banking industry is under pressure. You want to know, How is my bank responding and what does it mean to me?

I can tell you with confidence that CNB Bank, Inc. is as sound now as it has been for 74
years. Your money is safe with us.

What then is the current health of CNB Bank, Inc.?

I’m happy to tell you:

• Our borrowers in most cases are paying us as agreed and our loans aren’t being devalued.
We have never participated in subprime lending and our level of non-performing loans is below the average of our peer banks.

• A few banks have failed because they didn’t have adequate liquidity (available cash). We are confident that our levels of liquidity make us more than well-equipped to meet the demands of our depositors.

• Our customers have confidence in us. We had deposit growth in 2008 as both new and existing customers continue to trust their money with a bank with a 74 year track record.

• We are profitable. In fact, we have not posted a single quarterly loss since 1934, the year we were founded. CNB had strong earnings and profits in 2008.

• There is no credit crisis at CNB. We have funds to lend to qualified borrowers.

• Capital levels and loan loss reserve protects depositors and shareholders against potential losses. CNB Bank, Inc. has a strong capital position and holds a “well-capitalized designation,” the highest ranking given by the Regulatory authorities.

We believe CNB Bank, Inc. is well positioned to meet the new challenges that lie ahead. On June 20, 2009 we will celebrate seventy five years of service to the Eastern Panhandle and Western Maryland. Conservative, prudent banking and personal service to our customers have been the guiding principles of CNB Bank, Inc. since our founding. These principles are as relevant today as they were in 1934. This philosophy has allowed your bank to be successful in the past and we strongly believe it will be the key to the future success of CNB Bank, Inc.

If you have any questions about your deposits, loans or banking in general, please stop by your local CNB branch office or call, you can also call me directly at 304-258-7394 or visit our website at

I want to take this opportunity to wish you and your family a healthy and prosperous New Year, and remember during these difficult times you can relax because CNB Bank, Inc. is your bank.


Thomas F. Rokisky