Read Aloud West Virginia Orientation

A small commitment of time can yield big results according to the folks at Read Aloud West Virginia. Research shows that reading aloud to children of all ages has multiple benefits. This simple act builds vocabulary, increases comprehension levels, self-esteem, and motivates children to want to read. Read Aloud West Virginia sponsors four research-based programs in thirty counties that are designed to put books in the hands and on the minds of West Virginia’s children.  Many are based in the schools; others seek to encourage families to read to their children at home beginning from birth.

In one of Read Aloud’s most popular programs, volunteer readers visit classrooms and other community locations to read to children on a regular basis. When schools enroll in Read Aloud, they participate in the volunteer reader program and have access to Read Aloud’s other programs and resources.

Nine schools in Jefferson County are participating in Read Aloud this school year. They are: Harpers Ferry Middle, Wildwood Middle, Page-Jackson Elementary, T. A. Lowery Elementary, Blue Ridge Elementary, Blue Ridge Primary, North Jefferson Elementary, Ranson Elementary, South Jefferson Elementary. These enrolled schools invite trained volunteer readers into their classrooms to provide students with a regular “commercial” for reading.

“When volunteers go into the schools, they become role models for reading, build listening skills, and whet an appetite for a love of reading,” says Read Aloud Executive Director Mary Kay Bond. “The cornerstone for building West Virginia’s economy is a healthy, educated workforce. In building interest in reading, our volunteers are motivating students to become better readers and acquire the foundational skill needed in all subject areas. We believe our readers are serve an important role in improving state reading skills and building stronger economy.” Currently, over 1,000 Read Aloud volunteers are reading in more than 1,600 classrooms around the state.

To become a certified Read Aloud reader, volunteers are asked to attend a one-time orientation session. The orientation provides information on Read Aloud’s programs, background and mission. Volunteers also learn about classroom expectations and are given tips on book selection.

The next scheduled reader orientation in Jefferson County will be held at The Tate House (201 E. Washington Street, Charles Town) on Saturday, March 10, 2018 from 10:00 a.m. to Noon. Registration is not mandatory but preferred.  Interested individuals can register by e-mailing: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

For more local information on Read Aloud, call 304-345-5212 or visit